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3 Low Tech and High Tech Tools to Try This Summer

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Summer is a great time for research and development related to curriculum design, classroom refreshes, and technology integration.

SET recommends trying these 3 tools this summer to prepare for the school year. Keep in mind that these tools also can be used in offices or workplaces.

IdeaPaint has been around for a while and has improved greatly over time. It’s used to turn any surface into a whiteboard. Try painting a wall, door, dividers, or desks to increase collaboration and visibility of work/learning.
2. TodaysMeet

“TodaysMeet gives everyone a voice.” This tool allows anyone to create a chat room that can be used for a determined amount of time. This tool has helped introverts ask and answer questions during class through nonverbal means. TodaysMeet also saves chat history as a transcript which can be used to address questions or discussion items offline.


TINT is a social media aggregator display tool. Add your organization’s social media accounts to TINT, and the tool will display the content in a visually appealing live feed aggregation. This tool is great for conferences, events, talks, or large meetings.
SET believes in testing low and high tech tools to generates an ecosystem catering to all types of learners. Contact us through social media or our email address ( to let us know the results of your summer R&D!

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