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forget STEM and STEAM

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Forget STEM, STEAM, and STREAM- the newest acronym in education is DREAMS. When I first heard of DREAMS, it stood for Design, Robotics, Engineering, Art, Math, and Science. I argue that Robotics does not need to be its own category since it fits within design and engineering. The “R” could, instead, stand for Research or Reflection.


Where did the “T” for Technology go? Technology is ubiquitous in teaching and learning; so, the idea that it is integrated across all subject areas means that we no longer need to call attention directly to it.


STEM, STEAM, STREAM, and DREAMS all demonstrate that we are trying to create best practice in teaching and learning through integrated subject matter content and transferable soft skills. The idea behind all of these acronyms is the desire to help students successfully acquire and apply knowledge.


In the past, SET has discussed the importance of the other acronyms mentioned in this article. In reality, none of these educational acronyms will ever present the full solution. The purpose of these acronyms is simply to brand integration. This unique branding helps to guide both teachers to innovate through integration and families to understand better a school’s pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.


What will your school’s DREAMS be?

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