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Factory in Your Pocket

· DREAMS,Innovation,Maker Movement

The maker movement began as manufacturing jobs started returning to North America. Maker related technologies became easy to use, small, and inexpensive enough that individuals, schools, startups, and community spaces could purchase and take advantage of them. This movement has meant that everyday users can utilize rapid prototyping and constructing with cutting edge technology right in their own homes. What if these tools were even small enough for everyday users to carry on them?

Take a look at the vast variety of maker-related products on Kickstarter available to anyone - not just to factories and machine shops. One example is the laser cutter, engraver, and etcher called Cubiio. Its miniature size, ease of use and relative affordability could very well mean that users could add it to their work bags or purse as a means of ad-hoc creation and ideation.

We are not sure if adding maker technologies to our pockets will have significant changes to how we work and live but it might help adults problem solve on the fly.

Pocket-sized laser cutters are just one example of technology moving from factories to garages into the palm of your hand (see: calculators, smart phones, etc.). This change is happening right now in the manufacturing industry, and every segment of our population can benefit from it. Whether you’re at a school, a business, a Federal agency, or a non-profit, investigate how innovations in the maker movement can let you now begin doing innovative work right from your pocket.

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