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3 Ways to Kick Off Innovation

Welcome Back to School!

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As you enter another school year, we would like to provide you with three potential initiatives that you can launch at your school to elevate innovation.

1) Embedded edtech professional development model

Tools, software, and hardware change at a rapid rate. In order for educators to integrate the best technology into their curriculum, they must first have an opportunity to play, test, and trial it. To promote this kind of experimentation at your school, set up a recurring time for faculty to meet in small subject or grade area groups with your educational technologist (if you don’t have one, contact SET to see how we might be able to help you take this step!). By creating an embedded edtech professional development model at your school, your faculty will receive regular and pertinent information that will inevitably elevate innovation in their classrooms.

Check out our article here to learn more about creating an edtech professional development model.

2) Entrepreneurship program within your makerspace

If your school has a makerspace, take it to the next level by introducing an entrepreneurship program as part of the maker curriculum. This next step in the maker movement guarantees that students are constructing, prototyping, and creating with the intention of and mindset for solving real world problems.

Contact us at to learn how SET can help you introduce a makerspace and/or entrepreneurship program at your school.

3) Forget STEM/STEAM...Think DREAMS

Does your school work within a STEM/STEAM framework? Consider the newest acronym DREAMS as a way to better brand integration and promote problem- and project-based learning. What are your school’s DREAMS?

Check out our article here to learn more about DREAMS.

SET has helped to establish these and many other initiatives at schools across the DMV area; we would be excited to facilitate their introduction at your school.

For more information, please contact us via email or phone.

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